Congratulations on Purchasing AdWords For Beginners!
Welcome to the new 2010 version of The Adwords For Beginners Training Program!  We have taken the last few months to provide you with a new, updated version that shows Google's new format and policies for AdWords!  We have also included new up-to-date videos.   Not only can you can you read the material inside this eBook, but we now have video tutorials which cover the information that was covered in each chapter. 

We have also taken note of your questions and emails we have received over the years, and now provide even more detailed information.  We also provide you with the most advanced techniques for this business to help build your fortune!  We are very happy and excited to provide this NEW AdWords For Beginners edition to you!  Enjoy!

One very important thing you need to know: 
People that start this business and follow the instructions we have provided in this program, do not fail with their advertising campaigns through AdWords.

Let that sink in, then move on.

What we are going to teach you is not difficult material to grasp.  It may seem overwhelming at first, but we can assure you by the end of this training program, you will have the tools that you need to be successful with AdWords. You won't need a map to find the treasures that are hidden within this program.  We didn't say it was a complex formula.  Just make sure you don't move on to a new chapter until you understand what you just read.

How to use the videos: 
We suggest you use the videos along with what you are reading.  You will see, in each chapter there is one or more videos that you can watch.  Each video will show us going through the exact steps we are telling you to do.  Therefore, to get the most out of this program, we advise you to read the chapter first and then watch the videos as you complete the required steps.

The first thing you need to do is bookmark this page.  Save it to your favorites, so you can come back to it whenever you like. That way you do not have to complete the entire program in one sitting.  There is a lot of information that we share and we suggest you try to learn it in parts.  That way you can fully digest what was just taught to you.  This is an Internet page, remember that.

The second thing you should do is sign up for our free newsletter.  This newsletter includes important program updates and tips.  It is optional, but highly recommended.  We will not share your information with anyone.  It is for our eyes only, so you can get the biggest reward from your purchase:
Ok, go to a quiet, comfortable place.  Turn off the TV, and eliminate all distractions, since you will not want to miss anything we are teaching you.  Grab a drink of whatever you drink (non-alcoholic), and prepare yourself to learn a great business.

If needed, you may want to read and watch this course several times to let everything fully sink in.

What this business is:
This is Internet Marketing with a different spin.  You will learn how to market a program so 1 out of every 20 people who see it through your advertising campaign will purchase it.  That is, if you follow the steps as we recommend.  Do you realize how huge that is?  If you don't realize it right now, you will as you read on.  You are going to learn how to properly set up an effective advertising campaign with this course.

You will not need a website because we will provide a way for you to get a website that is proven to be effective. Nor will you need to do anything to it.  No maintenance, no nothing.  You won't even need to visit it!

You will not need a product, we will provide you with several of the best ones out there, and show you how to find several more, if you choose to use them.  We want to make sure you have all the tools available to ensure your success.

The only thing we don't provide for you is determination.  You need to study this program and have a desire to succeed.  The determination is up to you.

We will also show you how to become a Master in the Google Adwords world.  It doesn't matter if you are brand new to pay per click advertising (PPC) or there may be a lot of people already in this field of Google Adwords.  We ensure your success and here's why:

  • 99% of them do it wrong.

  • There are currently over 400,000,000 search engine searches a day, and that number is still growing.  There can never be enough people that do what you are going to learn how to do.

  • You will be one of the few that know how to do it correctly.

We have a friend who is so good at Google Adwords, people are seeking him out in the real world, not just the Internet world.  They are offering him thousands of dollars to design a campaign for them.  Everything he learned when he started, was from this course.

Enjoy this e-book and get your learning cap on!

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1:  Explanation Of Google Adwords
Chapter 2:  Anatomy Of An Internet Search
Chapter 3:  Finding The Right Product To Offer
Chapter 4:  Opening Your Free ClickBank Account
Chapter 4 Continued:  The ClickBank Marketplace & HopLinks
Chapter 5:  Open Your Google AdWords Account
Chapter 6:  Keywords And More Keywords.
Chapter 7:  Writing Your Ads
Chapter 8:  Tune Up Your First Campaign
Chapter 9:  Getting The Most From Keywords
Chapter 10:  Developing More Keywords
Chapter 11:  Making Money
Chapter 12:  Bonus Material
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