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Let's cut right to the chase, shall we?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have seen and heard many people out there offering to show you how to make money simply by using Google AdWords.  So, can you?

There is no doubt you can.  You are not in our shoes, however.  You cannot look into your own bank account and see proof that you can make money using Google AdWords.

We have been students of Google AdWords for years.  We ordered every ebook available on the subject.  They all promised they would show us how to make big money using Google AdWords.  However, they all fell short in helping us understand it in the eyes of beginners.  They were using terms we didn't yet understand. So...
....after reading all of their expert programs, we ended up teaching ourselves!
We are going to tell you something they won't:  Without the right training in this field, you will LOSE money.  We experienced this first hand.  When we first started in this field, we literally lost thousands of dollars we didn't have.  However, we kept on pushing through the misfortune, learning more and more, until we started to make a profit.   How much profit?  In April 2008, we made over $140,000.  Again, $140,000 in one single month.  You will see proof of this later.

Now, we don't want you to think if you order this training program, you will make $140,000 next month or even $50,000.  However, you could make $10,000 if you apply yourself.  Would that make a difference in your life?

You must first understand, this is a business.  A business that could be more lucrative then owning a franchise.  What does a franchise cost now a days?  Most are well over $100,000 and that may or may not include your build out.  You must take this opportunity seriously if you decide to follow our training program.  This is not a "get rich quick" program.  This is a real business, you operate from your home.  Take it seriously, and you can see great results, as others have.

At this point in time, we won't bore you with our story about how we got to where we are now.  It really doesn't matter much. There are enough sob stories on the Internet, most of which aren't true.  We can tell you, we are as ordinary as they come, and so are the others that have had success with this business. The important thing that you need to understand is, you are here looking for a way to improve your financial situation.  If you are like us, you will do what it takes, ethically, to make that happen.

Let's explain some reasons why this industry makes so much sense for a home business venture and why so many people are choosing to follow this path:
1. There is an unlimited demand and opportunity.
With over 400,000,000 daily searches on the Internet, and growing, there are countless opportunities for you to get a sliver of the pie.  In this case, a sliver equates to thousands of dollars of income for you.  There are thousands of people, making thousands of dollars DAILY!  The best news is, there could be thousands more, and it wouldn't matter at all.

2. You can get started earning money in hours.
If you have the right information, which we offer here, you can get started quickly.  Our training course walks you through each set-up step in such detail that you cannot fail.

3. Anyone can start this.
There are scores of people that used to be plumbers, worked at gas stations, were laborers, and so on that have started this business and are now making a fortune!  It doesn't matter if you don't have computer experience.  People have started this exact business without any prior knowledge of what we teach you, and have succeeded.  The fact that they had the right information and a strong desire to succeed, were the two ingredients that helped them with their venture.  We will provide you with the right information, which is only found in our training course, but we can't help you with the desire part.  That's up to you.

4. You don't need thousands of dollars to start this business.
With most conventional businesses, i.e. franchises, you need thousands of dollars to buy one.  Then, if you turn any net profit your first year, you are considered one of the successful ones. HUH?  We don't see how that is proper thinking.  We follow what we have been conditioned to follow our whole lives, and what society says is "normal".  That is ridiculous. We spent years designing this training program to show you how to start in this business with no additional money!
You can spend your time looking for one of those businesses, and you will find one.  What you will really find is what we refer to as a SCAM.  We like to say a scam in sheep's clothing.  PLEASE, if you take anything away from our site, let it be this next statement: 99% of the businesses out there that sound like you just have to do a little typing or stuff an envelope are SCAMS.  We have tried them all.  We know from experience.  The reason these SCAMS are still around is because people keep buying them.

People will visit a legitimate site like this one, and leave, because it sounds too hard.  So they search some more and find a different business that sounds so simple an idiot could do it.  They end up buying that one.  Then they scratch their heads wondering why they are always getting scammed. 

Don't be one of those people.  The legitimate, and best  opportunities will have a business plan for you to follow.  We know of only a handful that do, and we are all what you would call "Internet Marketers".  If you want to stop getting scammed, do something that works, and has proven results, like AdWords for Beginners.
What You Will Receive With This Training Program:

AdWords For Beginners E-book  2010 UPDATED VIDEO Edition:
  • Over 2 hours of hold-your-hand videos that walk you through everything. Sit back and watch!
  • A explanation of what Google AdWords is, and how ordinary people like us make so much money with it!
  • A step-by-step walk through, teaching you how to set up your first AdWords campaign.
  • How to easily find products to promote, that sell well.
  • How to develop the right keywords for the product you are offering.
  • How to get the most bang for your buck, from your keywords.
  • How to write ads that eat the competition for lunch.
  • How to spend as little as possible, with great results.
  • Destroy the competition, by doing what they don't do, or don't know how to do.  All this, while paying less than your competition.
  • The secrets that we have discovered.  You will not find these anywhere else!
  • How to apply what we teach, and make money with your new knowledge.
  • Available email support from our trained professionals.  They are true AdWords Pros!

ClickBank For Beginners E-Book:
  • A description of what ClickBank is.
  • How to easily set up your ClickBank account, again with easy step-by-step instructions.
  • How to find the correct, and profitable businesses to promote.

In Addition:
  • How to promote major corporations products like Nike, Ebay and Yahoo, and make a killing.
  • Continued support during this process.
  • How to set up a web site in 30 minutes, if you choose to build one.
  • How to set up multiple streams of income.
  • How to set up your business to run automatically.
  • How to become a super-affiliate.
  • Audio narration by our friend and colleague, a real AdWords guru!


As you can see, you get a lot of very valuable information, designed for beginners, so you can understand it.  It is the most comprehensive guide to starting a profitable home business of your own, available today!

You will receive all of this information so you will have the tools that you need to make your income goals come true.  The only thing you need to add is a little work, some determination, and to believe that you can succeed. 

Listen, we have been in your shoes, wondering if we were going to be able to do something like this.  If we can succeed in this business, and all the other people that have purchased this program can succeed with this business, then you can to.  Right?
Please see our actual 1 month proof of income below:
Total of 30 Day Snapshot NET INCOME:

That is REAL PROOF. No crazy editing or Photoshop tricks!
Of the thousands of people that are online looking for a legitimate home business they can start, and earn great money, only a small percentage will realize what a great training program this is.  Most will leave and buy into a scam because they want to get paid to stuff an envelope or do some typing.  Here is the bottom line: If you want to earn money from home you need a training program, along with a business plan, that walks you through all of the steps that you need to take to make money online.  This program does just that.

Now, it is time for you to make a decision.  Will you make the right decision?  Order this training program TODAY!  Thousands of ordinary people have already made the decision to make great money online, from the comfort of their home.  The best part is, they get to work their own hours.  Otherwise, return to the life and the job that brought you here in the first place.

The choice is obvious. Order the AdWords For Beginners Training Program now and be on your way to a new life for you and your family.
Why Ordinary People are Making
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